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Old Pasadena commUNITY Dining

Signature Event

Old Pasadena commUNITY Dining

Event Details for Old Pasadena commUNITY Dining

Thursday, to Friday,
Presented by: Old Pasadena Management District
Big Bang Theory Way
Pasadena, CA 91105


Enjoy your meal on Big Bang Theory Way! Look for the bright orange umbrellas! 

Open daily and continually sanitized from 11:30am-8:00pm!

To support the safe re-opening of Old Pasadena restaurants, the Old Pasadena commUNITY campaign came to life last summer in a very tangible way with the installation of commUNITY Dining in three locations along Big Bang Theory Way. This communal dining space is for anyone looking for a socially distanced area to enjoy a take-out meal or coffee from any of the neighborhood’s nearly 200 restaurants. The seating areas are maintained from 11:30am-8pm each day with continuous sanitizing. Visit in the evenings for an especially scenic experience under the café lighting spanning the length of the historic alleyway.

Old Pasadena launched the commUNITY campaign to highlight the resilience of our business community, and encourage visitor safety. The artwork features an upbeat, radiant sun to symbolize that even in the face of unbelievable hurdles, the Old Pasadena business district continues to shine. 

The Old Pasadena community is a tight-knit, supportive one, encompassing business people who have learned the art of pivoting, adapting, and supporting their fellow merchants since the COVID-19 Safer at Home order was issued last year. The Old Pasadena community extends far beyond business owners and their employees, and we appreciate the continued support from residents and faithful patrons. Every order, whether takeout or dine-in, gift card purchase, is critical to keeping doors open and livelihoods afloat.  


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