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Old Pasadena Management District

About Old Pasadena Management District

The Old Pasadena Management District (OPMD) is a non-profit business organization that creatively plans, manages and develops Old Pasadena as a unique, authentic and vibrant downtown experience. The OPMD currently contracts with the City of Pasadena to manage the Old Pasadena Business Improvement District (BID). The BID enhances the basic City services by funding district-wide security, marketing, and maintenance programs to provide a clean, safe vibrant downtown experience. All operations are financed through annual tax assessments on privately owned commercial property. The Old Pasadena BID was formed in 2000 and recently approved for a ten-year term to be renewed in 2025.

This organization is led by a cross section of Old Pasadena stakeholders and managed by professional staff. This includes merchants, tenants, property owners, residents and city management, led by 17 volunteer directors. Geographic boundaries of the Business Improvement District (BID) are Pasadena Avenue to the west, Arroyo Parkway to the east, Del Mar Boulevard to the south and Walnut Street to the north. The District is a 22-block National Register Historic District, and includes two historic public parks, Central Park and Memorial Park.

Old Pasadena Managment District 93920098 600pxThe Management District is:

  • The caretaker of Old Pasadena's public spaces
  • A destination marketer
  • A public policy advocate for Old Pasadena
  • A center city housing and transportation advocate
  • An information source
  • A special events producer¬†

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Staff and Board of Directors

Clean & Safe

Committees and Meeting Schedule

What Is a PBID - District Boundaries

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