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Clean & Safe

Old Pasadena Guide Team: Clean, Safety, and Homeless Outreach Services

Old Pasadena's Clean Team

We take pride in keeping our district clean and safe.  Every day, our “Clean Team” personnel maintain the streets, alley walkways, and sidewalks of Old Pasadena.  Their continuous activities include street sweeping, sidewalk pressure washing, daily porter service, trash removal, and other cleaning initiatives.

In keeping with our efforts to “green” Old Pasadena, the Clean Team now utilizes a fleet of propane-fueled environmentally-friendly vehicles.

CLEAN SAFE Guides 400pxOld Pasadena Ambassador Guides

We operate the Old Pasadena Ambassador Guide Program to promote a safer, friendlier experience for visitors and employees alike.  Our highly visible and trained Ambassadors:

  • Provide information and directions to area establishments
  • Maintain a presence 24/7 in the Park & Walk garage facilities
  • Have the ability to communicate with the Pasadena Police Department
  • Facilitate area improvements through communication and contacts
  • Provide homeless outreach and support

We work with the community and law enforcement in a cooperative effort to enhance and promote Old Pasadena as a unique, authentic, and vibrant downtown experience.

Services Provided by Our Guide Program:

  • Directions & Information

  • Safety Escort

  • Monitor Suspicious Activity

  • Assist the Pasadena Police Department

  • Motorist Assistance

  • Vandalism Notification

  • High Visibility & Presence

  • Homeless Outreach

Contact Information:

Team Leader: 626.216.9738
Operations Manager: 626.243.3904
General Manager: 626.216.9739
Garage Security: 626.354.4492 (24 hours)
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