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New Year's Morning Where to Eat

New Year's Morning Where to Eat

Event Details for New Year's Morning Where to Eat

Sunday, to Monday,
Presented by: Old Pasadena Participating Restaurants
Pasadena, CA 91105

For those of you coming out to watch the breathtaking Rose Parade in person, many of Old Pasadena's restaurants are welcoming you with extended hours!

Here is a list of locations that are opening early to serve you before, during, and after the Parade.  Grab a cup of coffee to warm up, enjoy breakfast, and get ready to enjoy the spectacle.  

Alfred 55 W Colorado Blvd 4:30am-10am
Blind Donkey 53 E Union Street 8am-1am
Blue Bottle Coffee 18 S Fair Oaks Ave 6am-5pm
Boba Cha Cha 26 N Raymond Ave 4am-6pm
Copa Vida 70 S Raymond Ave 7am-12pm
Craft by Smoke and Fire 30 W Green Street 9am-10pm
Delight 39 N Raymond Ave 6am-6pm
Der Wolf 72 N Fair Oaks Ave 8am-3pm (brunch)
3pm to 1am (dinner)
Dog Haus Biergarten 93 E Green Street 9am-1am
Holy Saints! Cafe 21 E Holly Street 8am-10am (coffee & pastries)
10am-3:30pm (brunch)
I Like Pie Bakeshop 38 S Raymond Ave 6am-3pm
Intelligentsia 55 E Colorado Blvd 7am-6pm
La Grande Orange 260 S Raymond Ave 9am-9pm
Lucky Baldwins Pub  17 S Raymond Ave 8:30am-1:30am
Luggage Room Pizzeria 260 S Raymond Ave 9am-9pm
Mama Lu’s Dumpling House  2 E Colorado Blvd 9am-10pm
Popping Yolk Café  88 W Colorado Blvd 7am-3pm
Pressed Juicery  59 E Colorado Blvd 7am-9:30pm
Rocco’s Tavern  44 W Green Street 8am-2am
Roots and Rye Acai Bar  36 W Colorado Blvd 9am-7pm
Savvvy’s Café  36 W Colorado Blvd 4am-2pm
Starbucks 93 W Colorado Blvd 4am-9pm
Taco Libre  36 W Colorado Blvd 6am-11pm
Tortas Mexico  90 N Fair Oaks Ave 7am-8pm
Union Street French Café 109 E Union Street 6am-3pm
Valentine’s Sweets  88 E Colorado Blvd 6am-1pm
Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen  11 W Dayton Street 6am-2:30pm


Happy New Year!





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