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Pasadena Walking Tours

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    ​Discover the hidden gems and untold stories of Pasadena on a guided walking tour with Pasadena Walking Tours. Led by passionate and knowledgeable local guides, their tours offer a unique and immersive experience of our vibrant city. From historic architecture and hidden speakeasies to the dark corners of "Haunted Pasadena", they'll take you to the places that only locals know about and share the stories that make Pasadena so special. Whether you're a visitor or a longtime resident, these tours are a great way to learn more about this fascinating city and experience its charm firsthand!

    Pasadena Walking Tours was founded in 2017 with the goal of sharing Pasadena's history, culture, and neighborhoods with locals and visitors alike and to make life a little more interesting, one sidewalk story at a time. They are proud to be an independent, women-owned, and locally-operated business! Check out their calendar of Walking Tours including Haunted Pasadena, Explore Pasadena, and Saloons & Speakeasies. 


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