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Warby Parker

  • Warby Parker offers designer eyewear at a revolutionary price while leading the way for socially conscious businesses. By circumventing traditional channels, designing glasses in-house, and engaging with customers directly, Warby Parker is able to provide higher-quality, better-looking prescription eyewear starting at $95. The entire Warby Collection is on display on open shelving for customers to try on.

    Kids get their own line too! Warby Parker for Kids features some of the company's favorite grown-up frames in a rainbow of hues and miniaturized for tinier faces. They’re available in two sizes: Jr. (for ages 8 and up) and Jr. Jr. (good for kiddos 4–7).

    As with other Warby Parker stores, the Old Pasadena location pulls design cues from libraries and civic spaces—like brass fixtures, terrazzo flooring, and books aplenty—to make frame finding as enjoyable as it is easy. The store features beautiful artwork created by Art Center College of Design alum Rafael López, who designed a geometric tableau of books, readers, and—of course—glasses, in a Warby palette.

    The store is committed to giving back to the community: For every pair of glasses or sunglasses purchased, a pair of glasses is distributed to someone in need.

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