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  • CTRL Collective is a co-working space and local home for aspiring and established entrepreneurs who aim to create, mold, and shape the future -- all in an inclusive environment designed to evoke innovation and propel new ideas. Membership options range from part-time to full-time, private offices, dedicated desks, corporate access, and nights and weekends. 

  • FoundrSpace (pronounced “founder space”) is a place for coworking and community whose mission is to support people, ideas, and growth through the power of space. Their members are at the heart of what makes FoundrSpace special. Coming from a variety of different backgrounds and skillsets, they are cultivating a community and space of like-minded people who all take ownership in what they do and all want to see each other succeed.

    FoundrSpace is home to multiple freelancers, digital nomads, teams, and companies who have memberships, hold meetings, conduct workshops, and host events at the space.


  • Industrious Old Pasadena invites you to experience the Industrious difference. Industrious is the premium co-working company of choice. Their professional atmosphere and thoughtfully designed workspaces can accommodate companies of all sizes and stages — from startups to Fortune 500s. With eight convenient locations in the Los Angeles area, plus access to the national network spanning 50 cities, Industrious is everywhere you do business. Situated in Old Pasadena, this newly renovated office space is the ultimate workplace destination. Just steps away from shopping and dining center One Colorado, the office is surrounded by a variety of high-end shops, restaurants, and attractions.

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