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    Established in 2009, Eco Auto Care Park & Wash is an environmentally friendly car wash and detail center specifically designed to maintain the shine of your vehicle. It uses a petrochemical-free and waterless wash and polish system, which cleans and protects your auto's surface from harsh elements, while maintaining ecological integrity by not producing contaminated water run-off like traditional washes. Just park your car with the Eco attendants while you shop and dine, pick up when you’re done! 

    Along with this location inside the Schoolhouse Park & Walk parking structure, patrons can find also Eco Auto Care in the De Lacey Park & Walk (see separate listings for full info).

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    Pasadena Shell Gas Station offers gasoline and basic maintenance services, as well as a small convenience store.

  • Stop by the Old Pasadena Space and get to know the Rivian electric vehicles in real life. You can jump in the front seat, pop open the Gear Tunnel, and ask them anything and everything. 

    Think playground, not showroom. You’re welcome to climb in and on the vehicles.  See all the materials and colors in person.


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