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Alison Saar: Of Aether and Earthe

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Alison Saar: Of Aether and Earthe

Saturday, to Sunday,
Presented by: Armory Center for the Arts
145 N. Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103


NOTE:  Galleries are temporarily closed, and the exact opening date of this exhibition will be announced when COVID guidelines allow.  Currently, the Armory Center plans to reopen the Armory's Caldwell Gallery in late July with this exciting exhibition.

Armory Center for the Arts and the Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College (formerly Pomona College Museum of Art) are partnering to present this exhibition of Los Angeles-based artist Alison Saar’s work connected to myths and archetypes, invisible bodies and hidden histories, and timeless paradigms of grounding and transformation. Highlighting the dualities that are woven throughout her art, Alison Saar: Of Aether and Earthe explores and complicates the binaries of body, spirit, earth, and air. For Saar, this title suggests esoteric, alchemical transformations of elemental properties: with aether representing the spiritual and non-material, and earthe—with the archaic spelling—suggesting a rootedness to physical materials.

Alison Saar: Of Aether and Earthe—one exhibition at two venues—surveys Saar’s sculptures and installations. With her use of distinctive forms and materials, Saar creates powerful figurative sculptures that activate histories and legacies of survival. The Armory will showcase Saar’s female figures that suggest elements of fire, air, and aether, while the Benton will highlight work that emphasizes grounded, earthly, and watery qualities.

Major support for the exhibition is provided by the Pasadena Art Alliance. An exhibition catalog will feature contributions by Camille Dungy, Rebecca McGrew, Harryette Mullen, Christina Sharpe, Evie Shockley, and Irene Tsatsos. It is being made possible with lead support from The Fellows of Contemporary Art, who awarded the 2020 Curator’s Award to co-curators Rebecca McGrew at the Benton and Irene Tsatsos at the Armory. Exhibition public programs are supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency. Additional support is provided by Betsy Greenberg.


Alison Saar on Transforming Outrage Into Art
(NY Times)

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