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Valentine's Day Paint & Sip

Valentine's Day Paint & Sip

Presented by: Whimsy Pasadena
40 Mills Place
Pasadena, CA 91105


Whimsy Pasadena hosts Valentine's Day Paint & Sip - a great and fun stress-free idea for the perfect date!  

Paint and sip while painting notes of love during the two-hour course lead by an expert artist from Italy, who guides you through the creation of a painting.

The couple will create together one painting made of two paintings/two canvases: Each partner will paint on an individual canvas that will be the matching half to their partner's painting, and vice versa.

No experience needed. All supplies are provided. Release your creativity while the instructor will guide you step by step through the creation of the painting.

One complimentary drink or bring your own drink. Age: 21+. 

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