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Mezonte Mezcal Tasting

Mezonte Mezcal Tasting

Presented by: Maestro Restaurant
110 E. Union Street
Pasadena, CA 91103


Maestro hosts a special evening of mezcal tastings with mezcalero Pedro Jimenez of Mazonte Mezcal.  Early reservations are strongly recommended.  

Pedro is a visual artist who uses experimental film and documentary as his tools. He has developed his own reflexive and nostalgic language to talk about human essence. His work has been screened in different film festivals in several countries, including Germany, France, USA, Canada, Peru, Chile, United Kingdom, Spain, and, of course, Mexico.

Besides his audiovisual work, Pedro has fostered a network of maestros mezcaleros around Mexico. He started to study all about mezcales since 2005 and then, in 2009, opened a Mezcaleria in Guadalajara called Pare de Sufrir… Tome Mezcal. At a controversial moment in agave spirits legislation, he directed the documentary Viva Mezcal with the intention of turning people’s eyes to the mezcal situation. Almost at the same time he started filming this documentary and seeing it wasn’t enough to generate a complete awareness of the mezcal culture, he opened a mezcal information and tasting room called Mezonte, also in Guadalajara. Under this name, he has created an organization where more than 17 producers were given the opportunity to offer their agave spirits.

Pedro has given seminars, conference, tastings, screenings. He is active part of the Tequila Interchange Project (TIP) and board of the BatFriendly Project. Also he continues to make fair trade with mezcal producers and spreading the word and work for others that want to know and appreciate the agave spirits from Mexico.


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