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Free Community Exhibition Day

Free Community Exhibition Day

Presented by: Pasadena Museum of History
470 W. Walnut Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103


Enjoy the magical creatures in Giddy Up: Children Take the Reins at the Free Community Exhibition Day at Pasadena Museum of History. Adding to the family-friendly celebration will be fun photo opportunities, crafts, cartoons, and party snacks. 

The exhibition galleries are filled with a dizzying array of carousel horses and exotic creatures, dozens of ride-on horses/animals that rock, bounce, and/or roll, and a wide variety of smaller animals and carousel-themed toys. Giddy Up is the museum’s second exhibition devoted solely to items from curator Lourinda Bray’s collection. Her Running Horse Studio in Irwindale, CA houses her nearly unimaginable menagerie, along with carousel art, miniatures, toys, and more in 7,000 square feet of merry-go-round memorabilia. Here she carefully restores figures for other collectors and for operational carousels, as well as pieces in her own collection, which spans the history of carousels from the mid-19th century to modern day, with many examples from the “Golden Age of Carousels,” 1861-1920.

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