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Paint, Sip, Speed Date

Paint, Sip, Speed Date

Presented by: Whimsy Pasadena
40 Mills Place
Pasadena, CA 91105


Paint and Sip while speed dating at Whimsy Pasadena: a new way of meeting people and maybe the love of your life. 

Art is great conversation starter and so is Speed Painting! Speed Painting is an artistic twist to speed dating - go on "mini dates," meet potential matches and new friends, and let the magic begin!

HOW IT WORKS: A woman will be stationed at a canvas/drawing, every 5/10 minutes, a new guy will come around to create the artwork together.

No experience is needed. You will get to explore together art with your potential match just for fun!

Ages 21-40

One complimentary drink is included.

Please purchase tickets online

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