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Maestro Welcomes Chef Stagliano

Maestro Welcomes Chef Stagliano

Presented by: Maestro Restaurant
110 E. Union Street
Pasadena, CA 91103
626. 787.1512


Maestro welcomes sous chef Christian Stagliano from Union Restaurant on Thursday July 18 as a guest chef for a prix fixe, five-course meal. Chef Stagliano will prepare a heritage pig and use each part as a main or sub ingredient for each course of this special evening dinner. Limited vegan/vegetarian options will be available. Advance reservations required - phone the restaurant to make them. 

Raised in Pasadena, Chef Stagliano pays homage to his roots with cooking. Born to Cuban and Argentine parents, he fuses the best of both cultures in his distinctive cuisine. His Italian grandmother also instilled invaluable kitchen skills over the countless hours the duo spent cooking together at home. His multicultural background helped shape his palate and inculcated his yearning to formally learn the craft.

Currently, Stagliano is a Sous Chef at the award-winning Union Restaurant. He is well known for his butchering skills. Through honing these skills, he has perfected sustainable cooking and prides himself in using every part of an animal, from nose to tail.  Previous to Union, Stagliano owned and operated his own successful catering company for two years. Today, Stagliano continues to spend time in his grandparents’ kitchen. 


Coppa Di Testa

 Cracklin Focaccia Fennel Cultured Butter/ Head Cheese / Celery Apple Chutney

Papas Rellenas de Puerco

Smoked Garbanzo Bean Puree / Potato Stuffed With Pork Ragu / Chimichurri

Fennel Pollen Cavatelli a la Stagliano    

Handmade Cavatelli Dough / Spicy Fennel Sugo All'Arrabbiata / Parmigiano / Olio D’Oliva

Puerco Encendido

Pork Rice / Braised Pork In Spicy Tomato Wine Reduction / Crispy Fried Yuca

Postre Borracho

Liquor Dipped Lady Fingers / Chocolate Custard Candied Bacon / Walnut Crumble wine Reduction Sauce 

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