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10 Ways to Zero Waste

10 Ways to Zero Waste

Presented by: Sage Vegan Bistro
41 Hugus Alley
One Colorado
Pasadena, CA 91103

Join the community in an event to raise awareness and consideration for a life free from pollution and waste!

Commitment to a healthy, sustainable way of life is the foundation for this event held on Sage Vegan Bistro's sunny patio. Visitors can peruse booths that feature a multitude of information, education, displays, and reusable items to show how a zero waste lifestyle is completely possible. 10 Ways to Zero Waste's goal is to show how our small daily efforts can result in an enormously healthy and fulfilling shift in this "throw away" culture.

Participants can enter the raffle with sustainability-related prizes and, at the time of the event, Sage Vegan Bistro will honor weekday Happy Hour prices for food and drinks. Please RSVP online.   

1. Examine Your Trash - Jessica Aldridge; Adventures in Waste

2. Reuse and Repair - Sylvia Holmes; Repair Cafe

3. Ditch Plastic, Packaging, and Disposables - Leslie Campbell; Sustain LA

4. Compost - Tess Feigenbaum & Be Baba; Epic Renewal

5. Buy Secondhand - Paul; Full Circle Thrift Shop

6. Source Locally - TBD

7. Recycle Properly - Jessica Aldridge; Adventures in Waste

8. Eat Less Meat - Sage Vegan Bistro

9. Live with Less - Jonathan Levy; The Zero Waste Guy

10. Stay Informed - Tory Romero; Algalita Marine Research and Education

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Sage Vegan Bistro

41 Hugus Alley
One Colorado
Pasadena, CA 91103

Sage Vegan Bistro serves organic, sustainable, plant-based food centered on produce that comes from local farmers committed to practicing organic, pesticide-free farming, and regenerative agriculture. Daily farm deliveries means that most dishes feature produce picked that same day or the day before. Diners can enjoy everything from breakfast to dinner, brunch, craft cocktails and beer, desserts, with a choice of indoor dining or a spot on the expansive patio, which offers delightful views of the charming One Colorado Courtyard. 

Happy Hour: All day, Mon-Tue; Wed-Fri 3:00-7:00pm.

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