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Pasadena Walking Tours: Saloons & Speakeasies

Pasadena Walking Tours: Saloons & Speakeasies

Presented by: Pasadena Walking Tours
Location provided with ticket purchase
Pasadena, CA 91105

As part of the city-wide, month-long Walktober, Pasadena Walking Tours once again hosts the tour "Saloons & Speakeasies: The History of Alcohol in Pasadena." Tour-goers can learn about Pasadena's long and complicated relationship with alcoholic beverages. Long before Prohibition, Pasadena prided itself on being a "Dry" community - and rampant rule-breaking was everywhere you turned! 

On this tour, explore the up and the downs and the "drys" and the "wets" that have characterized this colorful slice of the Crown City's history. The walk will meander through Old Pasadena, including the alleyways that once hosted illegal drinking establishments, as well as stories about the upstanding pillars of society that either shunned or embraced this particular vice (one of whom actually wrote a poem about it - "No Saloon in the Valley"). The tour ends at one of Old Pasadena's many fantastic places to grab a drink, where tour guests will enjoy special perks and prices. 

Advance ticket purchase recommended - find them online.


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