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Crackin Kitchen

  • Unique and playful, this Hawaiian-Cajun concept brings dining to a whole new level. Originating in Waikiki, Old Pasadena serves as its only mainland location. The bright eatery features seafood murals and rustic wooden booth seating, while its menu offers a wide range of seafood served informally on diners' tables to be pulled apart and devoured - eating with your fingers is encouraged! The soul of Crackin Kitchen's cuisine is found in its sauces that rely on Hawaiian-grown ingredients such as cacao beans, chili peppers, onions, and ginger. The exotic flavor profile compliments every bite from chef Takeshi Omae’s inspired signature menu. 
    Patrons have lots of flexibility in customizing their seafood dishes, including choices of signature sauces, spice levels, and side dishes. A few dessert items, craft and frozen cocktails, wine, and draft beer round out the offerings. 
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