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Castle Green Castle Green
99 S. Raymond Ave.  
Pasadena, CA   91105
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Phone :  626.793.0359
Description :  Originally the Hotel Green was a small hotel built by Edward C. Webster in 1887 on the southeast corner of Raymond and Green (then Kansas) Street. Getting more ambitious, he proceeded to build a small passenger station, just south of his hotel, for the Santa Fe Line, the train carrying transcontinental travelers all the way from Chicago.

The hotel was to become a summer destination for these Midwestern sun and warmth seekers. But Webster went too far out on a limb financially, and GG Green, a traveling medicine salesman, acquired the hotel when he foreclosed on a sizable loan made to Webster.

Under the new ownership of Colonel Green, the hotel enjoyed phenomenal success. After expansion on the property on the east side of Raymond, a major annex was begun on the west side of the street. This building, now the Castle Green, was completed in November of 1898 and formally opened on January 16, 1899. The last annex was erected in 1903.

Both annexes were designed by Frederick L. Roehrig. The 1898 building was an eclectic combination of Moorish and Mission Revival architecture, seven stories high, built of steel, brick and concrete, and was then the only fireproof hotel in California, a very substantial claim for that era. This was especially important because of the fire that had destroyed the local Royal Raymond Hotel in 1895. The annex was the first steel frame building in Pasadena, and only the second in the southwestern United States.

The Castle in the 21st Century: The “Castle” is now the private residence of designers, musicians, artists, collectors, and other dwellers.
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Closest Parking Garage :  Del Mar Station, 198 S. Raymond Ave.
Schoolhouse Garage, 33 E. Green St.
Type of Business :  Hotels & Travel
Professional Services
Property Management
Real Estate
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