Merchant Detail

Merchant Detail

Sushi Stop Sushi Stop
58 E. Colorado Blvd.  
Pasadena, CA   91105
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Phone :  (626) 405-1518
Description :  Sushi Stop is now open in Old Pasadena!

Fresh fish is essential for good sushi. Thatís why we at SushiShop have our fish and produce selected fresh every morning. From traditional favorites like salmon and yellowtail to unique specials like Japanese mackerel and blue crab, we strive to provide you with quality sushi every day. Whatís more, we have experienced Japanese sushi chefs preparing your meal right in front of you, ensuring that your order is made as fresh as possible.

Dinner for two at most Japanese restaurants can easily start as high as $30.00 Ė not a pretty price to see during the current economic crisis. But at SushiStop, every dish is $2.75, guaranteed! We keep our prices low with a cash only policy, because all of our dishes are only $2.75 each. Donít worry about having to compromise your taste buds during these hard times. The economy is hurting, but why should your appetite?

Time is of the essence. And sometimes, you canít afford to sit at a restaurant for 15 minutes waiting for your check, an appetizer, or your main entree. At SushiStop, our sushi-bar style service and seating allows our chefs to be right in front of you at all times, giving you the attention you need when you need it. Even calculating the bill is a breeze; just count your plates!

Our menu at SushiStop doesnít end at just fresh sushi. We have a wide variety of tasty dishes to satisfy the palates of all of our customers. Savory rolls, flavorful teriyaki and curry, hearty udon noodles, refreshing salads, and sensational desserts can all be found at one stop, the SushiStop! Make a stop at SushiStop. Once you stop, you wonít want to go!
Website :
Closest Parking Garage :  De Lacey Garage, 45 S. De Lacey Ave.
Schoolhouse Garage, 33 E. Green St.
Dining Price Range :  $ = Cheap, Under $10
Type of Business :  Asian Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine
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