iPhone 4 Arrives in Old Pasadena

Last Wednesday afternoon people started lining up and preparing to camp out the night in front of the Apple Store in Old Pasadena in anticipation of the Thursday, June 24, 7:00am sale of the new iPhone 4.  “This changes everything. Again,” to quote Apple’s ad campaign.  Well, from the 1,000 plus souls awaiting their new phone, they agreed and couldn’t wait for the change to begin.

Old Pasadena Management, at the urging of our Marketing Committee (and Apple enthusiasts), decided to take advantage of this opportunity to welcome the many visitors to the district and provide them with our special brand of Old Pasadena hospitality.  Several businesses took advantage of the crowds outside their doors and opened early, like Equator and mixi-bang!, to welcome the early morning visitors.

More than 25 Old Pasadena businesses agreed to provide a special discount to anyone presenting their iPhone 4 receipt.  A banner featured this promotion on our website, an email blast was sent out, and printed fliers were handed out to the thousands of the Apple customers in line.  From a 20% discount on “I Love NY” concert tickets to savings on delicious Mignon Chocolates and free dance classes offered by the new Lineage Performing Arts Center, Old Pasadena rolled out the welcome mat.

Tiffany & Co. promoted the launch of their free new iPhone App “Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder.”  This application, which can be downloaded from iTunes, offers users the tools for selecting the perfect Tiffany diamond engagement ring.

Due to the pre-sale reservations, Apple created two distinct lines: one to the east on Colorado Boulevard and down De Lacey; and the other to the west and wrapping down Mills Place toward Green Street.  Apple served water and coffee to their patient customers, while special treats were handed out by generous Old Pasadena merchants,  including delicious Pinkberry yogurt samples, Dots Cupcakes famous mini red velvet cupcakes, Vertical Wine Bistro’s refreshing Iced Green Tea, and canine treats from Three Dog Bakery.

Hundreds wait in line to get the new Apple iPhone 4 as it went on sale at 7 a.m. Thursday, June 24, 2010 in Pasadena, Calif. (Photo by Gene Blevins/LA Daily News)

Pasadena-based Idealab’s newest company, Feedback.com, was on hand to promote a newly launched effort to help the gulf cleanup. Feedback.com, an online platform to allow businesses to gain feedback from their customers, and help protect their reputation on the Internet, will donate 10 cents to the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s new Oil Spill Fund every time a user provides feedback on any business, person, event, product or topic on the site until July 23rd, up to a maximum donation of $50,000. In addition, Feedback.com said that any user adding feedback to the site will get a chance to win an Apple iPhone 4.

Later in the day, Apple provided umbrellas to people as the sun began to beat down on the line.

Bob from Bob’s Big Boy stopped by to add to the atmosphere, while many people circulated through the line offering to buy your old iPhone on the spot.  The lines dwindled off through late afternoon and at Apple’s 9:00pm close, it seemed that everyone had a new iPhone in hand.

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