General Plan Update – Final Outreach Report

The City Council approved the final Outreach Summary Report at their May 17, 2010 meeting.  The report summarizes over 6,000 comments collected during nine months of community outreach.  The report can be downloaded here or go to the City of Pasadena’s website for more information:  The report will provide a framework for the update of the Land Use, Mobility, Open Space and Conservation elements.

As the City of Pasadena moves forward with the revision of its General Plan it is imperative that commercial and economic development interests be heard. You can assure your vice is heard by attending meetings, making sure your concerns are voiced and addressed appropriately throughout the process. Your comments can be emailed to [email protected].

Community feedback has been clear: Pasadena’s strong community character – its diversity, neighborhoods and small-town feel – should be maintained; its history and heritage preserved; new development projects well-designed; traffic reduced; alternative modes of transportation encouraged; and economic vitality in commercial areas supported.

Moving forward, the summary report will provide input, direction and a framework for updating the General Plan. The next step of the update process will begin by comparing the current General Plan elements with this outreach report to identify topics out of alignment, in conflict or not addressed. The community will then re-engage to consider land use and mobility alternatives that attempt to reflect community comments, recent environmental mandates, and other government requirements.

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2 Responses to “General Plan Update – Final Outreach Report”

  1. Ann Erdman Says:

    Thanks for helping us spread the word about this.

  2. jswartz Says:

    We feel strongly that everyone should participate and that their point of view addressed in the new General Plan. Please continue to keep us updated about all the goings-on in Pasadena. Thank you!

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