Tabebuia: Our glorious Trumpet Trees are in bloom

Vertical Wine Bistro

Vertical Wine Bistro on Raymond Avenue

Old Pasadena is home to two varieties of the Tabebuia, or Trumpet Tree as it is more commonly known.  There are approximately 100 different species of the Tabebuia, mostly from South America and other tropical locales.  Tabebuia chrysotricha , one of the many species with yellow blooms, is the national flower of Brazil, and Tabebuia rosea, with a pink bloom, is the national tree of El Salvador.  The wood from the Tabebuia tree, known as Ipê, is in high demand for furniture, particularly in the United States, and conservationists have expressed concern that Ipê wood from the Amazon rainforest continues to be harvested illegally.

De Lacey Avenue

De Lacey Avenue

Currently the Golden Trumpet Trees along Raymond Avenue and the Pink Trumpet Trees along Holly, Union and De Lacey Avenue are in full bloom. Although the slow arrival of Spring seems to have impacted the timing and perhaps the amount of blooms this year, the vibrant color and quantity of blossoms are still glorious and well worth a visit to see.

Here are some photographs from our archives and some recent shots of our colorful flowering trees.

Union Street

POP Champagne & Dessert Bar on Union Street

Van der Vort Building on Raymond Avenue

Lulu Brandt in the Van der Vort Building on Raymond Avenue

Bird Pick Tea

Bird Pick Tea on De Lacey Avenue

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  1. Cafe Pasadena Says:

    Beautiful colours.
    I was at Bird Pick last nite & I don’t recall seeing this tree!

  2. Petrea Burchard Says:

    So beautiful! Thanks.

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