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We recently received the February newsletter from the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and found a piece written by Paul Little, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, to be particularly timely and very pertinent to the businesses of Old Pasadena.  Paul Little is on the Planning Division Committee, so he is well informed as to the importance of this revision.  Old Pasadena Management District urges the business and property owners and management to participate in the revision process to ensure that your interests and concerns are represented and addressed in the updated General Plan.  Paul says it well… here is the complete article.

City of Pasadena General Plan Update

Pasadena General Plan Revision Requires Attention of Business Community

Pasadena is currently in the information gathering stage of a significant revision to the General Plan. What may seem mundane, can have lasting and real impacts on businesses, residents and visitors to Pasadena.

The General Plan governs how land will be used and how people will be able to access different parts of the city. The General Plan determines where commercial activity will take place, what type of businesses will be allowed and how concentrated enterprises can be. Beyond that, the General Plan lays out how people will move about the city, where they will be able to park their cars, and how many cars any given street can carry.

A successful General Plan will balance the interests of residents, who desire safe, comfortable neighborhoods, with economic activity that supports the operation of the city and the quality of life in Pasadena. For a well-crafted, thoughtful and appropriate plan to emerge, concerns and opinions of all stakeholders must be considered. That means our local business community must take the time to provide input and information so economic development and commercial interests can be taken into account as plans are formulated.

There continue to be opportunities to provide input. The City Council has appointed a General Plan Update Advisory Committee to oversee gathering information and prioritizing issues. While community meetings have been conducted, those have focused mostly on gaining input from residents. If Pasadena’s commercial and economic development concerns are to be heard and incorporated into the plan, we need significant input from Chamber members and others doing business in Pasadena. You can find information on the City of Pasadena website at The page contains information, background material and opportunities to comment. It is up to you to make sure your voice is heard as Pasadena plans for the future.

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