Being Green In Old Pasadena

With the weather warming up and the date drawing nearer, many of you are considering what you might do for Earth Day this year. We have some suggestions of how you can educate yourself on the issues, do your part to improve the environment, and make a fun family outing of it all! Here’s a list of Earth Day activities and eco-friendly services in Old Pasadena.


More exhibitions, a new trail map, a nature walk, a bicycle tour and a chance to sponsor a water filter for a refugee camp are some of the new features added to this year’s FREE Greening the Earth Day and Armory Family Arts Festival, Saturday, April 25, 10am-4pm.

Exhibitors will display information on green lifestyles, composting, organic foods, hybrid and electric vehicles, alternative energy and green building design.

The annual festival is an opportunity to learn more about Pasadena’s resources and plans for waste reduction, recycling, water and energy conservation, and other Green City initiatives.

Entertainment will include live music, an interactive drum circle and dancers. Children can enjoy arts and crafts, live animals from the Wildlife Way station and Eaton Canyon Nature Center, and more.

The monthly documentary series Conscientious Projector will rotate short films throughout the day at Armory Center for the Arts on topics such as climate crisis, peak oil, alternative energy, consumerism, global economy and sustainable agriculture.

For more information call 626.744.4721.

Eco Auto Salon

Is your car in need of a shine? How about your interior- is it dusty and dirty? Why not work, shop or play while Eco Auto Salon washes, shines and details your car! The first of its kind in Pasadena, this eco-friendly car wash uses a waterless solution free from petrochemicals and phosphates usually found in conventional cleaners. Services start at $17, include hand wax, carpet shampoo, full detailing, hand wash, polishing and more and are located in the De Lacey, Schoolhouse and One Colorado parking garages. For more info. call 626.277.7101.

Eco Friendly Shopping

Reduce your carbon footprint by buying eco-friendly! Old Pasadena has eco-friendly shops fitting all budgets that include designer resale staple Clothes Heaven, stylish vintage eyewear boutique Old Focals, and local artist retailer Majestical Roof. By buying resale you lower your impact on the environment by reducing consumption.

Pasadena’s Online Green Training Program

Pasadena’s online environmental sustainability training program- available to anyone with access to the Internet- has won the County of Los Angeles Green Leadership Award for innovative initiatives that encourage sustainability.

This is the first year for the awards, which recognize outstanding efforts by individuals and organizations in L.A. County in developing and implementing innovative programs and projects to enhance environmental sustainability and stewardship. Pasadena was honored in the public agencies category and was presented with the award at the official program launch on April 21 by the County Board of Supervisors.

Developed by the city of Pasadena’s Green Team, comprised of staff from several departments, and Clean Agency, the Green Training Program was launched in June 2008.

It provides an interactive way for city employees, residents, business owners and others to learn about Pasadena’s Green City Action Plan, raises awareness of environmental practices and provides specific actions for individuals to help advance Pasadena’s environmental goals.

The online training program also provides links to city resources, a glossary of green terms, facts about the planet, and easy tips for living and working green.

The Green Training Program supports Pasadena’s Green City Action Plan, which outlines more then 70 initiatives the city is pursuing to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Created in 2006 and based on the United Nations Green Cities Declaration and Urban Environmental Accords, the Green City Action Plan has seven major themes: energy, waste reduction, urban design, urban nature, transportation, environmental health and water conservation. To access the green training program visit and select Green Training Program from the menu bar. For more info. call 626.744.7546.

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