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Pasadena Digital History Collaboration!

Monday, November 15th, 2010

We are long familiar with the wonderful archive maintained by the Pasadena Museum of History and have even used historic photographs from their research library on the elevator doors in the three Park & Walk garages, as well as on a photo-mural in the Schoolhouse garage entrance.   These photographs tell the rich story of Pasadena’s early years and so we are very pleased to announce the launch of the Pasadena Digital History Collaboration!  Now you can browse through hundreds of digital images of Pasadena people and places – for free online. Check it out at or on Facebook under Pasadena Digital History.

Original Pasadena Schoolhouse - Park & Walk Garage mural


25 Random Things about Old Pasadena

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Indiana Colony 1874 - Stereoscopic picture

Indiana Colony 1874 - Stereoscopic picture

1.     Present day Pasadena was settled by a group of Indianans seeking fairer weather following the exceptionally cold winter of 1872-73. The Indiana Colony was incorporated on January 31, 1874, and was later renamed Pasadena because the name “Indiana Colony” was rejected by the Postmaster General.

2.     The official paint color for all street furniture in Old Pasadena is “Tavern Square Green“, as stipulated in the Streetscapes and Alley Walkways Plan.

Original Schoolhouse

Original Schoolhouse

3.     The Schoolhouse parking garage is named for the Fair Oaks schoolhouse, which was relocated shortly after the turn of the century when it became exposed to the bustling activity of the developing center of town and potential danger to the children.

4.     The Old Pasadena Property-based Business Improvement District (PBID) was renewed by petition vote in 2005 for another five year term, by an overwhelming 94% approval by the property owners.  The Continuation Campaign is getting underway for the 2010 renewal.


Rejoicing in the “old” of Old Pasadena

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Grand Hotel on Colorado Blvd.

Grand Hotel on Colorado and Fair Oaks, ca. 1883

All of us here at OPMD particularly love the projects that celebrate the history of Old Pas. We each have fond memories of our early encounters with this place, and are passionate about sharing the past with Pasadena’s residents and visitors.

Bluefront GroceryWhen I came to work for Old Pasadena Management a little over three years ago, one of my first big projects (and still one of my favorites) was based on the history of Pasadena’s early downtown. I entrenched myself in the archives of the Pasadena Museum of History to select vintage photographs that would cover the elevator doors of the three Park & Walk parking garages. The museum’s collection is extensive and rich, and the hardest part of the project was choosing only the dozen or so that we needed. The public portion of the Marriott Hotel garage on North Raymond features old store fronts, while the De Lacey garage features Rose Parade memories, and the Schoolhouse garage houses images of Pasadena landmarks and streetscapes.